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subpage_comprehension_v2The High School Spanish app is rich with features that help students study Spanish and prepare for Spanish tests, like the AP® Spanish Language Exam. The Spanish writing tips, Spanish grammar reference, Spanish dictionary, Spanish flashcards, and Spanish comprehension practice sections all work together so that you can actually learn Spanish more effectively.

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What We Have To Offer

High School Spanish offers you a unique and unparalleled integration between Spanish reference materials (dictionary and grammar), Spanish study tools (writing tips and flashcards), and Spanish comprehension practice activities (reading and listening). All other Spanish apps offer maybe one or two of the above; we’ve integrated everything you need to study Spanish more effectively and learn Spanish more easily.

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The Benefits of Learning Spanish

High School Spanish helps students learn Spanish better and faster than any other app on the market. Any Spanish student can improve their Spanish proficiency through using the High School Spanish flashcards and Spanish comprehension practice activities. Improved Spanish proficiency = improved confidence with Spanish. And when you walk into your high school Spanish class with confidence, you automatically participate more and learn more Spanish in class as well!

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High School Spanish App!

Writing Tips: This section contains more than 14 different types of text that you may have to write and submit to your teacher either for homework or for a test. Each type of text includes quick tips for formatting and formality clues in addition to an example to see and many links to authentic resources that you can refer to on the Internet.

Bonus features:

  • Tap the hyperlinks for variations in Spanish greetings and closings to help vary your Spanish writing vocabulary
  • Long-press any Spanish word you see and add it to your Spanish flashcards or translate it

Grammar: Spanish grammar can get complicated, but thankfully there is usually a logical explanation to the difficult topics that every Spanish learner is trying to grasp. We are Spanish teachers who have achieved near-native proficiency in Spanish. We developed this Spanish app specifically for Spanish students learning Spanish as a second language. We have devoted our careers to helping others master the Spanish language as well, and have filled this grammar section with useful Spanish grammar tips, acronyms, and songs to make it as easy as possible to master the Spanish you’re learning in your classes.

Bonus features:

  • Check out the irregular verb songs we’ve recorded for you! They make memorizing irregular verbs in Spanish as easy as remembering a nursery rhyme!

Dictionary: Dictionaries used to be learning tools back when they were physical books you held in your hand. When you looked up a word, it would actually require you to think about what you were doing by evaluating if a word was singular, plural, conjugated or infinitive, etc. However, in today’s world with online translators at your fingertips, looking up a word is not very instructive, it can be mindless. High School Spanish is developed so that you have to think about how you’re using the Spanish dictionary. You won’t find plural words or conjugated verbs in this dictionary – we want you to think about what you’re looking up and we want you to conjugate your own verbs!

Bonus features:

  • Add any word from the dictionary directly to your flashcards for easy studying
  • This dictionary provides you with more than Spanish/English translations, it also provides you with common synonyms and antonyms for the words you search
  • If the local dictionary doesn’t have a term, it will translate the word for you using the amazing Wordreference translator. You’ll never have to look up a word anywhere else!
  • Text to Speech functionality. Tap the speaker icon in the dictionary and listen to the correct pronunciation of any word in the dictionary!

Flashcards: Using Spanish flashcards to study vocabulary is hands-down the best way to master your vocabulary list. We’ve broken down the most common vocabulary terms across high school Spanish curricula and included them all for you here!

Bonus features:

  • New to v 1.5 – Get flashcard sets from Quizlet! (in-app purchase)
  • New to v 1.5 – Add or edit Spanish flashcards in the “My Folders” category
  • Choose to study your vocabulary from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish
  • Once you know a term well, mark the green check mark in the top right corner and you will hide the term from you in the future
  • Your flashcards are presented randomly each time to you – this ensures that you know the Spanish vocabulary and not just the order of the words!
  • Tap the speaker icon in the top right corner to listen to the correct pronunciation of your Spanish vocabulary words

Comprehension: Reading and listening comprehension is essential to authentic communication in Spanish, but without adequate practice, it’s terribly difficult! High School Spanish gives you many opportunities to practice using authentic materials. You can select the level of difficulty that you’d like to start with and get to practicing!

Bonus features:

  • Long press any reading comprehension word and add it to your flashcards or look up the definition, add it to your flashcards, or hear the proper pronunciation!
  • Get immediate scores on your comprehension test
  • Use the provided hints when you get an answer wrong to learn how to improve your reading and listening comprehension in Spanish