Spanish Writing Tips

subpage_writingtips_v2Both IB Spanish and AP® Spanish curricula require you to submit writing samples in Spanish. The High School Spanish study app helps you prepare for these Spanish tests as well. Learn Spanish the easy way and save time with this special App for AP Spanish Langauge exams.

Available for the iPhone and iPad!


Spanish Writing Tips

We’ve included 14 different types of spanish vocabulary that you may have to know for your various writing assignments in class and for Spanish homework. Each different type of Spanish text contains Quick Tips about style and register, helpful formatting tips, and examples. Additionally, you have key lists of Spanish transition words and other composition words that make it easy to get that A on your next writing assignment!

Key features in the Spanish Writing Tips section:

  1. Ample formatting tips for submitting writing samples in Spanish
  2. Hyperlinked greetings and closings give you Spanish vocabulary variations for the basic greetings and closings of letters, emails, etc.
  3. Easy to read examples help you see Spanish writing in action
  4. Links to REAL resources. Many of our Spanish writing tips include links to websites in Spanish where you can see an article, or instructions, etc in a real-life context.
  5. Useful composition words in vocabulary list form for quick reference.

Types of Spanish texts included in the app:

  • Article in Spanish
  • Blog in Spanish
  • Brochure or Flyer in Spanish
  • Debates in Spanish
  • Diary in Spanish
  • Email in Spanish
  • Essay in Spanish
  • Formal letters in Spanish
  • Informal letters in Spanish
  • Instructions in Spanish
  • Interview in Spanish
  • News Report in Spanish
  • Proposal in Spanish
  • Book or movie review in Spanish

If you have to submit any writing samples in Spanish – get the High School Spanish App today so you don’t lose silly points on formatting!