Six Reasons We Created the High School Spanish App

Posted on June 21, 2013

Why create another Spanish App?

Yes, we know there are already hundreds of Spanish apps in iTunes, most of them free, and a lot of them by HUGE names in the language business; so why would we go through all the work of creating another?

On a general level, the answer is simple; we work with students and professionals every day that need and want a great resource at their fingertips. We knew that since we are Spanish teachers who have built a successful language business in the private sector based on high quality Spanish instruction and language services, that we could also take our expertise to the mobile market.  Our goal has been to build a better app than anyone else on the market.

There are some specific reasons we built this Spanish study app as well.  Here are the top 6 reasons we built High School Spanish:

  1. Spanish students need an easy way to study Spanish vocabulary so that they remember it. One of the biggest factors for a student understanding Spanish when it is spoken is to be familiar with enough vocabulary so that s/he can distinguish individual words when in a conversation.  Additionally, one of the most important factors in speaking Spanish is to have enough vocabulary to at least express rudimentary thoughts without fancy grammar in between.  The Spanish Flashcards section of this app is perfect for memorizing the high-frequency Spanish vocabulary words every students needs to study.
  2. Not every Spanish student has a great Spanish teacher at their high school. This is an unfortunate reality, but it is a reality nonetheless. We know that students can be inspired by great teachers, and and we know that interests in particular subjects can wane when a teacher is meidocre (or worse). We want every student with access to an Apple device to have the best tips and tricks for studying Spanish. The Spanish Grammar section of the app is an excellent resource for studying Spanish grammar.
  3. Spanish students at all levels chronically struggle with remembering the right verb conjugations for all of the Spanish verb tenses – not to mention all of the irregular verbs.  Check out the Spanish verb tenses sub section of the Spanish Grammar section in the app!
  4. We love songs to help learn Spanish grammar and we wanted to share them with you. We have recorded irregular Spanish verb conjugations to well-known tunes to help students study irregular Spanish verbs.  All of the videos are listed in the Spanish verb tenses subcategory of the Spanish grammar section. Take a look, sing the songs, and you’ll ace your irregular Spanish verb conjugations! You can view the videos on our YouTube channel as well!
  5. AP Spanish students who are studying for their AP Spanish tests need practice with Spanish listening comprehension activities.  In addition to all the Spanish reading comprehension practice in the app, we have filled the Spanish Comprehension section of the app with Intermediate – Advanced level Spanish listening comprehension activities.  You’re going to love all the practice you get!
  6. IB Spanish students have to write and submit many Spanish compositions in a year – and they get graded on both formatting and the ability to communicate ideas naturally – so we thought that a solid Writing Tips reference was important for students to have at their fingertips when  writing Spanish papers and other assignments.

Of course our Spanish app has a robust Spanish/English dictionary as well that integrates to your personal flashcards and provides translation for terms that are not currently listed. Keep an eye out for more to come on what’s special about our Spanish/English dictionary; that will be in a future blog post.

So, the short story is that we created this High School Spanish app because we didn’t see anything in the app store that does what this app does, and we know that when you’re studying Spanish you need a tool that will help you with listening to Spanish, speaking Spanish, writing Spanish, studying Spanish vocabulary, and prepare for success in your Spanish classes!

We hope you enjoy High School Spanish!  If you don’t have your copy yet – get it in iTunes!

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