Studying Spanish has never been easier

Posted on September 12, 2013

High School Students love to Study Spanish with this App because…

It has ALL the grammar you need – quick to find & in an easy-to-remember format – in the palm of your hand!

    • All verb tenses conjugated out for you with irregulars highlighted – and most irregulars put to video!
    • Tricky grammar topics made simple with acronyms and mnemonics. You’ll love the hints for topics like Ser vs. Estar, Por vs. Para, Preterit vs. Imperfect…and the list goes on!


The dictionary is local, doesn’t require internet, and integrates with your flashcards!

    • Scroll the dictionary or use the bilingual search function to find the word you’re looking for
    • Listen to any word pronounced by tapping the speaker icon
    • Tap the word to see its translation, synonyms, antonyms, and common expressions
    • Tap the flashcard icon to add that word (and its definititions) to your personal flashcard sets
    • If a word exists in Spanish or English – you’ll find it here! Even if the word isn’t in the local dictionary, you can always tap “Translate” and you’ll use the most powerful translation tool on the market (Wordreference) to get the translation you’re looking for.*


ALL the vocabulary you could ever want and will ever need for class is right at your fingertips! 

    • You choose how to study, Spanish – English or English – Spanish (make sure you do both before your next quiz Smile)
    • Basic Spanish vocabulary flashcards are clearly lined out in thematic units for beginners
    • Study Spanish verbs, nouns, adjectives (and many other parts of speech) in random style so that you are confident you know these most common terms
    • Double-tap or vertical swipe to see the backside of the card
    • Tap the green check mark to hide a flashcard from view – no need to spend time on word you already know!
    • Tap the speaker icon to hear any Spanish flashcard pronounced
    • Create and edit your own flashcards for personalized study
    • Download flashcards from – the largest bank of flashcards in the world! Whatever textbook you’re using, you can find Quizlet flashcards to study vocabulary chapter by chapter – it’s amazing!**



You never have to question how to format your next writing assignment!

    • Say goodbye to losing points on your Spanish writing assignments over small formatting problems – we’ve got you covered. You can find proper formatting for 14+ different tipos de texto with relevant examples.
    • Easy access to vibrant transition words and varied greetings and closings to keep your writing assignments fresh.


You can practice reading and listening to Spanish as much as you want and test your comprehension abilties.

    • Regular practice with reading and listening comprehension activities is one of the most difficult activities to do on your own – NOT ANYMORE!
    • IB Spanish and AP Spanish tests require you to listen to native Spanish (or read authentic texts) and respond appropriately, this is a great test prep section
    • Listen to real Spanish conversations an other audio clips and answer pre-recorded questions related to the selection.
    • Read various selections about culturally relevant issues and test your reading comprehension
    • Get your scores immediately & get hints if you get an answer wrong


Students who enjoy Spanish and those that are just trying to “pass” love this app.

It’s the only All-in-One Spanish app on the market that helps you with EVERYTHING you need for success in Spanish class!


If you or your parents have ever asked your Spanish teacher: “What do you recommend for some extra Spanish practice at home?” – you’re going to love this app – GET IT TODAY!


For the current cost of this app ($4.99), you can’t go wrong – High School Spanish App will help you study Spanish and learn Spanish like never before! At a minimum, take a minute to read the reviews in iTunes – almost all 5-Stars! Here are a few reviews below to give you an idea of what people think about it…

Awesome Study App ★★★★★

by dan man – Version 1.2 – Mar 18, 2013

I’m a freshman and this app is by far the best app I’ve found for studying Spanish. It’s an awesome deal because you get a dictionary, tons of pre-made flashcards, grammar and writing tips, and a section where you can listen to cool podcasts and answer comprehension questions. I love that I can track my progress and create my own flashcard packs from the dictionary or from the reading sections. This app is well worth the money, and I’m pretty sure it contains way more information than my textbook. If you want good grades in Spanish class you need this app! It’s a no-brainer. Buy it!


by MadRae7 – Version 1.3 – Apr 1, 2013

I’m a college Spanish student and I’m so glad I found this app! I mostly use the dictionary, grammar tips, and flash cards to help me study for my classes and this app is perfect. The verb tense section is super helpful. Spanish is not an easy subject for me – especially when trying to manage the subjunctive and other advanced grammar topics, so I love having all this information accessible all the time!

Very useful, especially with no internet ★★★★★

by AJ Higgins – Version 1.4 – Aug 1, 2013

On my Spanish Immersion trip to Costa Rica (with the developers of this app), i probably used this app every hour to look up words, and to clarify grammar. The flashcards are useful for studying vocab for tests.

*Wordreference Translate feature requires internet connection.

**Quizlet integration is a one-time $0.99 in-app purchase

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