What’s new in v1.4 of High School Spanish?

Posted on June 25, 2013

What’s in the v1.4 update?

v1.4 of High School Spanish is an important update for us.  There were a couple of small bugs in v1.3 that we wanted to fix right away and we definitely wanted to get iPhone 5 users the best experience they could have with their longer 4″ screen.  Here is a list of the things we updated in v1.4:

  1. Color change. We changed the background coloring of the app to match the app icon/logo better. This change was purely aesthetic, but we wanted to make it because the gradient red background looks much better than the patterned dark background we had before.
  2. iPhone 5. We optimized the screen size for iPhone 5 so now all iPhone 5 users are able to use their WHOLE screen to study Spanish!
  3. Bug Fix in Writing Tips. If you didn’t know already, the Spanish Writing Tips section has some pretty neat features built into it. Unfortunately one of them was broken in v1.3. The hyperlinks that you see in the greetings and closings lines of many of the text examples include like words and expressions for you to use when writing Spanish papers. Like the image below shows, you’ll now see a small popup box with those suggested other options to vary your writing in Spanish.
    • writing_tips_hyperlinks.PNG
  4. New Feature: we added an A – Z scrollbar to the Spanish dictionary screen so you can easily browse the Spanish and English word listings if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for or how to spell a word exactly. Take a look at the dictionary scroll bar we added.  This image actually gives you a sneak peak at what’s coming in v1.5 of High School Spanish App – you’ll be able to hear the words pronounced in Spanish (English too but that seems a little less exciting)!
    • dict_a-z_scrolling.PNG
  5. Bug fix in the dictionary search function: in v1.3 if you were searching for a Spanish word that is written with an accent (but you didn’t include the accent in the search pane) you probably didn’t find it. We should have anticipated this issue, but we didn’t :). In v1.4 we made the dictionary search function smarter so that if you entered the word “nacion” in the search pane, it would return the search result “nación”. This will be helpful for all users to actually find the words they’re looking for even if they don’t spell it perfectly.

That’s it for High School Spanish v1.4 updates.  Keep an eye out for v1.5 High School Spanish – it’s going to be AWESOME!

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