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subpage_comprehension_v2Please let us know if you have found a bug with the High School Spanish app! We want to know so we can fix it as soon as we’re able to. If you haven’t already viewed the High School Spanish support page where we identify problems that we’re aware of, please take a quick look before submitting a report.

Generally, with application development, the more specific you can be about when, where, and what you were doing when you found the problem, the easier it is for us to find it, duplicate the error, and then fix it.

Important Note: If your version of the app is missing data, it probably means that the initial download or a subsequent sync process has been interrupted. Please try deleting and re-downloading the app on your device to see if that fixes the problem. 

If missing data isn’t your issue, thank you for taking a few minutes to specify the issue you have found with the app by submitting the form below – users like you help us keep this the BEST App available for high school Spanish students!

Available for the iPhone and iPad!


Report A Problem